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Devops Course Syllabus:
  Preferred Server Configuration
  Data Centers
  Connectivity Tools
  DevOps relation with Pre requisites

 Agile Process
  Agile Model
  Project Development with Agile
  DevOps relation with Agile

  Advantages of Linux over Windows
  Linux distribution
  Understanding RPMs/Packages
  Linux commands
  Shell Scripting
DevOps Advantages
  DevOps relation with Current IT Industry.
  Activities can be automated
  Traditional approach over Automation
  Different tools supporting DevOps

  Managing source code with SCM Tools
  Different between Trunk, Branch and tag
  Branching strategy
  Merging strategy
  Resolving conflicts
  Managing Hooks

 Build Tool
  Setting Maven on Linux and Windows
  Running Maven for Build
  Understanding POM.XML
  Understanding Seeting.XML
  Understanding POM Dependencies
  Managing Dependencies
  Different Repositories
  Maven targets/Goals
  Understand Profiles

  Remote Repositories
  Managing Dependencies with Nexus
  Integrate Maven with Nexus

 Continues Integration/Automation
  Introduction to Jenkins
  Jenkins Setup
  Configuring Distributed Environment
  Managing Plug-in
  Integrate Jenkins with different tools like Nexus,Sonarqube, Tomcat,WebLogic,   JUnit,Selenium,Ansible and Docker
  Configuring Jenkins to perform CI/CD
  Configuring  jobs with Parameters.
  Creating Jobs with Jenkins
  Scheduling Build Automation
  Deployment Automation with Jenkins
  Configure Pipeline using Console,Plug-in and Jenkins file.

 Application Server
  Understand Application Server
  Understand Clusters

 Configuration Management (Ansible)
  Introduction to Configuration management tools
  Understand Ansible Architecture
  Advantages of Ansible
  Different components of Ansible
  Understand the Inventory to manage the clients.
  Working with Modules / Ad-Hoc Commands
  Working with Ansible Playbooks
  Working with Roles
  Understand Ansible Tower
  Integrate Jenkins with Ansible.
  Project with Ansible.

  Configuration Management (Ansible/CHEF)
  Introduction to Configuration management tools
  Understand CHEF/Ansible
  Different components of CHEF
  Write Recipe
  Create Cookbook
  Understand knife Utility
  Understand Supermarket
  Understand Test kitchen
  Manage cookbooks at Server
  Managing Cookbooks version
  Understand Client bootstrap process

  User of Containers
  Docker as Container
  Setup Docker
  Create Docker Images
  Creating Container.
  Docker CLI
  Docker as Stand-alone
  Docker Swarm (Single node and Multi Node swarm)
  Docker Machine
  Docker on Cloud
  Integrate Jenkins with Docker

What is Orchestration
Orchestrating containers using Kubernetes
Install Kubernetes (Minikube)
Understand Single and Multi Node kubernetes Cluster
Different components of Kubernetes
Working on Cluster, Deployment, Namespace, Replica Set, POD, Kubeproxy, Kubelet, Kubeadm, API Server, etcd, Scheduler ,Auto scaling with PodScaler and Config Maps.
Expose services using Ingress

Advantage of Monitoring Tools
Install Nagios
Monitor additional nodes with Nagios
Configure Services/Hosts and Hosts Groups
Configure Notifications