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Azure DevOps

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•    What is DevOps
•    Overview of various DevOps methodology
•    Difference between Waterfall Model vs Agile vs Scrum methodology
Understanding and Overview of Various Azure cloud services:
 Azure Cloud Services
    Azure Active Directory
    Azure App services
    Azure SQL Server
    Azure Key-Vault
    Azure Container registry
    Azure Kubernetes Services
    Custom template creation
YAML Scripting:
    Data Serialization Overview
    YAML Introduction and Overview
    Data Types in YAML
    Lab session for Basic YAML syntax and indentation
Azure DevOps Services (In-depth Understanding with Practical LABS):
     Work Item Management
•    Understanding Azure DevOps Boards
•    Overview of Azure DevOps work item project option
•    Lab session of Agile project management
•    Lab session of Scrum project management
•    Customization of Azure DevOps Boards

Repository Management
o    Understanding distributed and centralized repository management
o    Understanding merging and branching strategy
o    Understanding various advanced GIT topics (Cherry-pick, Reset, etc.)
o    Lab session – Practically running and executing more than 50 GIT commands
used frequently

Azure GIT repos
o    Understanding various GUI-based git functionality through Azure GIT repos
o    Azure GIT security and policies overview
o    Azure GIT end-to-end lab session and integration
o    Lab session of various Azure GIT repo’s function (Pull Request, Cherry-picking, Revert, etc.)
o    Lab session to understand various types of merges (Basic, Squash, Semi Linear, and Rebase)

     Building Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Code):
•    Introduction to Azure Resource Manager Templates
•     ARM Templates creation
•    Integration of ARM templates with Release pipelines
•     Complete Infrastructure creation through ARM template task

     Build Management
•    Introduction to Continuous Integration and Deployment/Delivery
•    Understanding build process
•    Build pipeline creation using classic model
•    Build pipeline creation using YAML scripts
•    Azure Pipelines - .Net Core Application
•    Azure Pipelines - .Net Core Application YAML Scripts
•    Maven Build Introduction
•    Azure Pipelines – Java Maven Project
•    SQL Database auto-deployment Introduction
•    DACPAC Overview
•    DACPAC build pipeline creation
•    Understanding Service Principle and Service Connection
•    Service Connection creation

  Test Management:
•    Starting with Azure Test Plans
•    Lab - Working with Test cases

Azure Artifacts:
•    Understanding packages
•    Lab session – Azure Artifacts feeds creation and understanding
•    Lab session to understand ways of publishing and restoring custom artifacts
  Release Management:
•    Understanding Azure Release Pipelines
•    Azure Release Pipelines – Azure Web App
•    Multistage release deployment
•    Azure Release Pipeline - .NET Application deployment
•    Azure Release Pipeline - JAVA Application deployment
•    Azure Release Pipeline – DACPAC deployment
•    Azure Deployment Groups – Setup and Implementation

•    Overview of Azure Kubernetes Services
•    Overview of Kubernetes
• App
YAML script creation and application deployment on Kubernetes – Nginx Web
   Lab session -> Custom Agent pool creation
   Lab session -> Service connection manual and automated creation
o    Basic Azure AD
o    Task group and libraries
o    Project setting overview
o    Organization setting overview

     Practice Session:
•    Complete end-to-end build creation and deployment using the classic model
•    Complete end-to-end build creation and deployment using YAML scripts

  ASP.NET Web Core Application
  MS SQL Database Deployment